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st: stratum with singleton PSU

From   "Anna D'Souza" <>
Subject   st: stratum with singleton PSU
Date   Tue, 18 Jul 2006 10:09:59 -0400


I am a new user of STATA, and have started using STATA for survey data
analysis. I am currently using version 9, and have a question about a
particular FAQ.
regarding possible solutions when you have only one PSU per stratum.
However, this FAQ refers only to version 8 and earlier. Does this mean
that this issue is to be treated differently in STATA version 9, or
that STATA 9, now automatically computes the std errors for stratum
with singleton PSUs (as in SAS, SPSS) or is there some option similar
to the MISSUNIT option in SUDAAN to account for this problem?

Thank you in advance,
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