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Re: st: responses to new users

From   Steffen Hokland <>
Subject   Re: st: responses to new users
Date   Sun, 16 Jul 2006 22:18:41 +0200

It seems to me that Steffen's very thoughtful post bears little relation to the post that went out under my
name yesterday,
Just to clear that up, It had no relation to your post whatsoever - I never read it (it has been a thread that I haven't followed - perhaps I ignored it...). My comment was based on a general impression over the 6 months or so during which I've subscribed.

In conclusion - I certainly see Nick's point that just ignoring people accomplished little as well, and agree that a well put remark accomplishes much more....

I admit that I can't remember the wording of the welcome mail, but perhaps it should be stressed (if not already the case) that the list is NOT tech support from Stata Corp but voluntary people using 'spare' time.

Best regards,

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