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Re: st: RE: RE: RE: list subjects with a similar value

From   Chris Ruebeck <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: RE: RE: list subjects with a similar value
Date   Fri, 14 Jul 2006 13:49:25 -0400

1. My method of versioning is to store a copy every once in a while. I remember (back when hard drives were many magnitudes smaller than today) the VAX versioning system: every time a file was saved, the old version remained. It took a PURGE command to get rid of old versions. Today with emacs (and other editors) the most-recent version is saved, often appending a "~" to the name---actually, appending it to the extension.

2. Emacs has a wonderful utility called ediff that compares two files. So if I feel there's something from an older version that I have inadvertently deleted or modified, I just run ediff on the current version and my saved older version. It's a very smart comparison utility. Does Word have something like it? I haven't noticed that Word does.

This is probably the same Unix-born utility that Nick Cox referred to in his post on Vim, but it's often bundled in Emacs, even on versions that I used on my Mac (also on Macs before they became Unix-based), so I assume it works on PC versions of Emacs, too.


On 3/23/06, Michael McCulloch wrote: > Jennifer response brings to mind a question that recently occurred to me: > Is there a Stata- compatible text editor that, like MS-WORD, can highlight > changes?

Although I don't use it myself there are version control features in Emacs.

... Personally if you want to be able to revert to older versions of files I'd recommend simply creating a copy before doing major revisions and simply append a date in numeric format at some point to the filename (before '.' would be most appropriate).

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