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RE: st: problem pasting into command window with latest Stata update (WinXP)

From (Kevin Turner)
Subject   RE: st: problem pasting into command window with latest Stata update (WinXP)
Date   Thu, 13 Jul 2006 14:49:27 -0500

Michael Blasnik ( writes:

>Since the update, I have found that when I paste multiple commands into the 
>command window at once, they get concatenated into a single line, causing an 
>error.  Prior to this update, I could paste several lines from a do file 
>into the command window and they would each execute in turn.  Is this some 
>new behavior or "feature" related to the most recent exe?  The help whatsnew 
>file says:
>19. The Command window now has keyboard shortcuts reinstated from Stata 8. 
>Using Ctrl-Backspace to delete a whole word is an example.
>I have tried using various combinations of Ctrl, shift, and insert keys 
>(which I seem to remember was needed in Stata 8 to get the multiple lines to 
>work), but haven't found a solution.  Anyone else experience this change? 
>Any solutions?
>While I'm mentioning this, I might as well ask about my biggest interface 
>problem with Stata 9 (since 9.0) -- the Review window no longer maintains a 
>highlight on a command after I double click it to make it re-run.  When I 
>want to rerun a series of commands that are far back in the review window I 
>need to scroll back each time and search for my place, making the window 
>almost useless.  In Stata 8.x the review window would keep your place and 
>maintain highlighting.  Is there any fix to this?

Pasting multiple commands into the Command window was indeed removed in the
latest update to prevent scenarios that would have caused bugs with the Command
window, given the recent changes to include standard Windows keyboard
shortcuts. We regret any inconveniences this may have caused.  After multiple
commands have been tested and verified, it will be reintroduced in a future
executable update.

You're unlikely to find a trick to submit them. Using a previous executable or
submitting commands via the DoFile editor are your best bets until the update
resolves this issue. 

Also, the usefulness of the Review window is something we are already taking a
hard look at, but there is no reason why the selection shouldn't be retained
between double-clicks. This will be fixed in the next executable update.

Hope this sheds some light on the recent changes,


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