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Re: st: RE: Out-of-date commands

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: Out-of-date commands
Date   Tue, 11 Jul 2006 18:59:02 -0500

At 05:48 PM 7/11/2006, Nick Cox wrote:
-for- (meaning Stata's -for-, not Mata's -for-) is
an example in which documentation is indeed elusive.
One story behind this is that the implementation
of -for- is now widely regarded as a Bad Idea.
That still leaves needs like yours unsatisfied.

On the whole, however, there are very few
commands for which that is true.
However, another example is the old syntax for the -ml- command. -ml- was greatly rewritten in version 6, I believe. My efforts to update and understand old -ml- code would have been enhanced if I had the help for the old syntax.

I wish the help for out of date commands was available online. Not to encourage new uses of those commands, but to make it easier to understand old code that uses them. Having access to the old docs might actually encourage people to update and improve on outdated and now sub-optimal code.

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