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Re: st: RE: Two Axis Graphing

From   Thomas Speidel <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: Two Axis Graphing
Date   Tue, 11 Jul 2006 14:01:20 -0600

... or try putting the title within the first graph:

twoway (scatter y x, ... title("title"))

or try using the || sign to overlay the graphs.


Quoting Nick Cox <> Tue Jul 11 13:46:06 2006:

Hmm. I hate that (graph) (graph) notation, which reminds
me that I never got into LISP or Scheme programming

I think you've confused Stata. Try putting a comma
in front of the -title()- option.


P.S. one parenthesis, two parentheses.

Benjamin Allaire

I have a question regarding two axis graphing.  I've
specified the action
below - I tried to mimic the help file in stata, but I can't
figure out wha=
I've done wrong I keep getting an error.

twoway  (scatter p90_10 year, c(l) ms(O) lp(l) yaxis(1))
          (scatter p90_50 year, c(l) ms(O) lp(-) yaxis(1))
          (scatter mean   year, c(l) ms(O) lp(_) yaxis(2))
          (scatter median year, c(l) ms(O) lp(.) yaxis(2))
title("Figure 1")
subtitle("Inequality in Major League Baseball Salaries
#delimit cr

) required

I'm just confused about what to do (I've tried putting extra
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