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st: Macro Error

Subject   st: Macro Error
Date   Tue, 11 Jul 2006 13:24:05 -0400


The best thing is to :

set tr on
run your dofile

and see where the code crashes.

The other thing is to check the size of the specific dataset
compared to the others. You may also considering using
a smaller number of covariates.


Best regards.


 I am currently using the command qhapipf (Analysis of Quantitative              
 using regression and log-linear modelling when  PHASE is unknown) and           
 it runs quite swiftly for most of the analyses, I get an error message          
 one specific dataset.                                                           
 The message is "too many macros r(920);".                                       
 My understanding is that the command tries to create a number of macros         
 larger than the number allowed by the system. Is that correct?                  
 Is there any way to increase the number of macros allowed? Is there any         
 other way out?                                                                  
 Thanks a lot,                                                                   

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