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st: RE: Conveniently comparing two datasets?

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Conveniently comparing two datasets?
Date   Mon, 10 Jul 2006 16:19:46 +0100

You can -merge- two files and then do the comparison. 

Alternatively, you can -append- two files and then 
use -duplicates-. 

A little care with variable names and/or dataset 
identifiers is needed in each case. 


Anderson, Bradley J
> We routinely double enter questionnaire data and run 
> comparisons to check
> for data entry errors.  We've been using proc compare in SAS and we've
> largely automated the process so that we generate an Excel file with
> subject_id, variable name, variable label, and responses from 
> first and
> second entry.  Only inconsistent responses are generated.  
> The format is
> very convenient for RAs to use in the data cleaning process.  
> The output
> from cf, cf2, cf3, and compdta are much less convenient.  
> This is about all
> we use SAS for and we'd like to become SAS free.  I've tried 
> searching on
> different key words but have not found other solutions.  Does 
> anyone know of
> any Stata programs that would allow us to generate a data 
> file with the
> following structure?
> subject_id varname var_label response1 response2
> Response1 and Response2 are the inconsistent responses to 
> varname from first
> and second entry, respectively.  

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