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Re: st: updating Stata

From   Sara Mottram <>
Subject   Re: st: updating Stata
Date   Tue, 04 Jul 2006 14:14:45 +0100

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions, I have now managed to -update all- and I see that this now means I have Stata 9.2.
Thanks again

b. water wrote:

in addition to what kit had said, there are two other parameters that dealt with internet gateway in terms of connection and coneection timed-out. the fact that you can get some of the earlier files meant that the installed Stata correctly recognised the proxy settings (or lack of it - whichever,but bottomline is no changes here is required) and that set timeout1 (the allowed time limit in seconds that Stata impose for establishing the initial connection with a remote host (in this case, Stata)) was of appropriate/adequate duration.

but there is also set timeout2 (the allowed time limit in seconds that Stata impose for subsequent data transfer with the host) condition, which in this case may have been exceeded for whatever reasons. perhaps trying to to lengthen this option e.g. -set timeout2 120, permamently- (120 = 120 seconds and permamently will make Stata remember this setting forever more) or alternatively to keep trying, which may resolve the situation (not just for updating Stata but in case you need to access or download other remote Stata's files).

further info: -help set- and -help netio-

btw i use Stata 8.2 Windows XP.

hope this helps,


Subject: st: updating Stata
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2006 07:35:31 -0400

Seb said

can you access the internet from your computer? If so, what do you
have to do to access an internet site like In some
networks internet access is restricted. In order to reach the internet
a "proxy" or sth similar requires you to enter some authorisation
information, is that the case with your network?

Best regards,

On 7/4/06, Sara Mottram <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am fairly new to Stata, having started with Stata 9.0. Am I right in
> thinking that the upgrade to Stata 9.2 is free and if so, how do I go
> about updating my Stata so that I can stay as up-to-date as possible?
> Also, I have trouble updating. When I type -update all- into the command
> line, some of the files are downloaded but then I get a message to say
> that the connection has timed out. I am connected to our University network.
> connection timed out -- see help r(2) for troubleshooting
> r(2);
> Can anyone help me with either of these queries please?
> Thanks

I know what Seb means regarding proxy settings -- I have had to deal with those at UK universities to get Stata's web access to work. But if Sara can download "some files" before it times out, she has those settings correct. What she needs to do is go to the Stata web site with a browser and download the update files with the browser. She can go to

to deal with this. Although this page says 'you should use update query if you're directly connected to the Internet', the Stata FAQ that describes problems with connections (such as r(2)) also leads you here.

Kit Baum, Boston College Economics

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