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Re: st: Intro social science stats book

From   Suzy <>
Subject   Re: st: Intro social science stats book
Date   Mon, 03 Jul 2006 15:37:32 -0400

I hoped that my qualifying statement ... "in my experience" would not go unnoticed!
Thank you for the recommendation for the book. I hoped that the graphics manual would suffice. I'm sure that Stata is indeed flexible enough that good graphs can be created with some effort and practice - I just don't like all the code that is required.
As for student discounts, whatever I got direct through Stata as a student and previous stata 8 user (grad plan) was still a bit steep (for me) for the v. 9 upgrade and full set of manuals.

Friedrich Huebler wrote:

--- Suzy <> wrote:

2. "Most" established professors that I know use SAS or SPSS, so
they can't help with Stata questions at all. I've found that the
"younger" professors actually tend to use R.

I would argue that your sample is too small to make general
statements about the use of Stata.

3. I know I'll probably get slammed from other users on this
sight, but I still think the graphics are way too complex
(inflexible) and/or boring, and I do have the graphics manual for
Stata v. 9. The Stata graphics are just not fun IMHO. I've found
the best graphs have come from the user generated programs, and
not the main Stata program.

Go the Stata bookstore ( and buy this
book: Michael Mitchell. 2004. A Visual Guide to Stata Graphics.
College Station: Stata Press.

4. The price point is OK, but it could be much, much better for students. Updating to version 9. and buying the manuals broke the

If your university has a GradPlan you can buy Stata at a lower price
( Even the "Visual
Guide to Stata Graphics" is offered at a discount through a GradPlan.

Friedrich Huebler

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