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st: Re: adoupdate

From   Kit Baum <>
Subject   st: Re: adoupdate
Date   Mon, 26 Jun 2006 06:25:59 -0400

The problem is that there are two versions of kpss that findit can find: the earlier version available from STB-58 and the more recent version available from SSC. adoupdate looks at where you originally got a package and examines that location's revision date to determine whether you have the latest version. Since you originally installed the routine from STB-58, that is where it locates the item. There is no way for Stata to understand that some of the _components_ of STB-58/sts15.1 are identical to those of the SSC kpss package. In that case, doing "ssc install kpss,replace" will bring you the new code and "remember" that you installed kpss.pkg from SSC. It will also still "remember" the STB-58 install, but that will do no harm.

The problem here is that STB/SJ packages are only updated by a Software Update, and that happens no more frequently than three months. Updates to any program published in STB/SJ thus often appear in SSC. Programs under frequent revision -- e.g. ivreg2 -- almost always have their most recent version on SSC. In that case, you should not install the STB/SJ version, but rather the SSC version. findit (or ssc describe) should report a later date for the SSC version. Software Updates for kpss, gphudak, roblpr and modlpr should appear in a forthcoming issue of the SJ.

Kit Baum, Boston College Economics

On Jun 26, 2006, at 2:33 AM, Michael wrote:

I have a copy of -kpss- installed from a previous update:

. which kpss
/Library/Application Support/Stata/ado/plus/k/kpss.ado
*! version 1.2.0     0A03     C F Baum       (STB-58: sts15.1)

According to the Finder, this .ado file was installed on May 1, 2006,
which is earlier than the latest release announced above.  However, -
adoupdate- reported:

  [3] sts15_1 at
         installed package is up to date

and did not update the file.  -findit kpss- gives several links,
notably one for "sts15_1 from"; and one
for "kpss from";.  Trying to
install from the latter location yielded an r(602) error, as the
files already existed.  Forcing an installation from this location
finally yielded the above-announced update to -kpss-:

. which kpss
/Library/Application Support/Stata/ado/plus/k/kpss.ado
*! version 1.2.2     25jun2006     C F Baum

	Is this how -adoupdate- is supposed to work?
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