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st: Matrix? Stack? Reshape? Xpose? - almost there

From   buddyb <>
Subject   st: Matrix? Stack? Reshape? Xpose? - almost there
Date   Thu, 22 Jun 2006 16:44:19 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, I am using Version 8.

Thanks to Justin and Dave for their help....My data
set now looks like this:

Var             IMP	SIMP    VIMP  missing       
q6ashealth	38	35	50	89       q6bboh	        20	32	63

I want to create a new variable called TYPE with
values of q6ashealth, 86bboh and another variable
called score with values of IMP, SIMP, and VIMP.  I
don't want to include missing.  After the Score and
Type variables are created, I would like to be able to
issue a Table command:


so that it would output a table like this:

    Type          IMP         SIMP          VIMP
  Q6ahealth       50 (40.7%)  35 (28.5%)   38 (30.9%)
  Q6bboh          63 (54.8%)  32 (27.8%)   20 (17.4%)

What is this called?  Any ideas how to do this?


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