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Re: st: outreg after hireg

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   Re: st: outreg after hireg
Date   Thu, 22 Jun 2006 13:29:20 -0500

At 03:44 AM 6/22/2006, John Gelissen wrote:

Does anybody know whether it is possible to use outreg after hireg? I tried the multiequation
option in outreg (using the ctitle option), as explained in the documentation of outreg, but I did
not succeed in getting it to work correctly.


John Gelissen
If you've got Stata 9, use nestreg instead. nestreg was inspired by hireg but is more flexible and powerful. In particular, I haven't tried it myself, but there is a store option. The help says "store(stub) specifies that each model fitted by nestreg be stored under the name stub#, where # is the nesting order from first to last."

If you have an earlier version of Stata, I suspect you are out of luck, unless you want to try hacking the program so it stores results after each model.

I'll also add the standard advice to quit using outreg and use the more modern outreg2 or estout instead.

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