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st: frustrated: MFX after regoprob

From   Carol Bao <>
Subject   st: frustrated: MFX after regoprob
Date   Thu, 22 Jun 2006 08:26:47 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, everyone,

I am estimating an random effects generalized ordered
probit model, and though I get the coefficients fine,
I cannot get marginal effects by using the mfx command
since I am getting the "Warning: ... rescaling"
messages.  It seems to me that all of my continuous
variables are in trouble and though I have rescaled
all the continuous variables to make them within
comparable range (eg. 0-1).  I have read previous FAQ
and postings on the rescaling thing; but when there
are, say, four variables in trouble it is extremely
frustrating to get to the right answer.  -tracelvl- or
-diagnostics- command doesn't seem to offer a lot of

I am wondering (1) does -margeff- command obtain the
marginal effects differentaly? Since for -gologit- I
can get the marginal effects using -margeff- quite
fast and fine. Unfortunately, -margeff- doesn't work
with -regoprob-. (2) In my case, does it imply
something is wrong with the regression itself or it is
just the rescaling problem?  (3) What can I do to
solve this issue? Since I am feeling that I am on this
wild goose chase right now for the suspect.

Any information is highly appreciated, and I am very
frustrated right now.

Thanks a lot,


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