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st: bootstrap confidence intervals for multiple rater kappa

Subject   st: bootstrap confidence intervals for multiple rater kappa
Date   Tue, 20 Jun 2006 14:17:41 +1000

I have a dataset where 149 raters have classified 14 video scenarios into a 
binary (1,0) classification system on two occasions, once before and once 
after an education intervention. I'm interested in seeing whether the 
education intervention improved the agreement of the raters in classifying the 
video scenarios. I can use the "kappa" command on a table summarising this 
dataset to calculate the kappa statistic across the 14 scenarios on each 
occasion. I would now like to calculate bootstrapped confidence intervals for 
these and also compare kappa statistics between the two assessment occasions. 
However, I would like the bootstrap procedure to resample raters rather than 
the 14 video scenarios. Can anyone tell me how I can calculate kappa in the 
case of more than two raters using a dataset where each rater and their 
classifications of the video scenarios are presented as an individual row in 
the dataset so that these can be resampled when I perform the bootstrap 
Bernadette Massey
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