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Re: st: PROBLEM fillling in a gray scale for the bars for graphbar

From   Thomas Speidel <>
Subject   Re: st: PROBLEM fillling in a gray scale for the bars for graphbar
Date   Mon, 19 Jun 2006 10:06:16 -0600

This topic has been dealt with many times on the list. See for example:

You can however experiment with full colours. A useful tool to select appropriate color combinations can be found here:


Quoting Anna Gueorguieva <> Mon Jun 19 09:53:46 2006:

Dear all,
thank you very much for your incredible help!
I need my graphs to look good printed black and white.
The bars need to be filled out, idealy with some black
white pattern (e.g. dots, vertical lines) or even a
clear gray scale might work.

I am running into the following problem:
. graph bar (asis) cov02 cov05 , ///
 over(stratum, relabel(1 "Tirana" 2 "Coastal" 3
"Mountain" 4 "Central" 5 "Total") ) ///
legend(label(1 "Coverage in 2002") label(2 "Coverage
in 2005") ) ytitle("percent of individuals") ///
blabel(bar, pos(inside) format(%9.0f) color(white))
bar(1 bfc(gs0)) bar(2 bfc(gs50)) ///
note("Source: LSMS 2002 and 2005.")
invalid bar number, 1 bfc(gs0)
invalid syntax
invalid syntax
invalid syntax
invalid syntax

Any ideas how I hsould do it? How about a fill in

Thank you in advance!

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