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Re: st: ratio of part time work

From   "Neil Shephard" <>
Subject   Re: st: ratio of part time work
Date   Sun, 11 Jun 2006 10:58:40 +0800

On 6/11/06, peter harper <> wrote:
Dear Statalisters

Since the ratio of part time work, would be
the total of the part-time work (i.e., of the both
genders) over the total of the full time work of both
the genders, I presume I do

.egen ratioprtwrk=(zmalprt+zfemprt)/zmalfull+zfemfull)

zmalprt=male part time; zfemprt=female part time, zfemfull=female full-time; zmalfull=male full time.

Can anyone please confirm if this is the correct command.

Two problems

1. Its missing an opening bracket.

2.There is no need to use -egen- (see -man egen- for details of what egen does).

gen ratioprtwrk=(zmalprt+zfemprt) / (zmalfull+zfemfull)

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