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re: st: Should rim weights be taken as sampling weights in SVYSET, say?

From   Steven Samuels <>
Subject   re: st: Should rim weights be taken as sampling weights in SVYSET, say?
Date   Tue, 6 Jun 2006 15:31:43 -0400

A cursory web search shows that 'rim weighting" is a synonym for sample balancing by iterative proportional fitting, and is also known as "raking", or "ratio raking". I 've never seen the term in a text book, but it
appears to be in common use. Raking is a procedure for adjusting the sample weights so that the sample marginal proportions match the target population marginal proportions on a number of
categorical characteristics at the same time: age, gender, race..... . These weights are constructed by starting with the sampling weights and doing further adjustments.

This procedure removes much non-response or sampling bias arising from failure of the sample to reflect these population characteristics. It does not NOT remove biases
due to differences between responders and non-responders unrelated to age, gender... race.

Use of these weights is standard in survey sampling--so go ahead and use them.

Note: Post-stratification in STATA as implemented adjusts for only one characteristic and, so, is not an implementation of a raking adjustment. However Nick Winter at Cornell has written an excellent raking program 'SURVWGT,' which can be found by a "search, all."


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