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Re: st: stcox: phtest with shared frailty

From   Jeph Herrin <>
Subject   Re: st: stcox: phtest with shared frailty
Date   Mon, 05 Jun 2006 15:01:55 -0400

for -estat phtest- are apparently displaced from where they belong,
namely, the Methods and Formulas section for -stcox-.

However, the question remains, whether I should expect -estat phtest-
to work after -stcox, shared()-.

Jeph Herrin wrote:
The Methods and Formulas documentation for for -estat phtest- describes in
detail how -stcox- shared frailty models are handled, but this doesn't
seem to
actually work:

  . stcox myvar, schoenfeld(var1) shared(frailvar)

  . estat phtest
  invalid subcommand phtest

However, it works fine for the same model if frailty is not specified.

I found this identical problem posted a few months ago, but no responses.
Any ideas?


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