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st: RE: RE: Where is -onewayplot-?

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: RE: Where is -onewayplot-?
Date   Thu, 1 Jun 2006 15:37:12 +0100

Scott is correct. Thanks to him for fielding 
the question. 

I've checked, and 

. findit oneway 

does point to -stripplot-. I'll ask Kit Baum 
to add onewayplot as a key word on SSC. 

My reasons for changing the name: 

1. -onewayplot- is a longer name than -stripplot-. 

2. The term "oneway plot", despite a history in 
Stata circles, seems to be going nowhere in 
statistical science in general. But, thanks partly
to implementations in other software, the term
"strip plot" seems to be gaining ground. 

That said, "strip plots" have nothing to do with 
bits of farmers' fields that might be part of 
some experimental design. 


Scott Merryman
> It has been renamed -stripplot-.  See

Friedrich Huebler
> > What happened to -onewayplot-? The package is described in 
> this post:
> > 
> >
> > 
> > -ssc d onewayplot- returns the message "ssc describe: "onewayplot"
> > not found at SSC."
> > 
> > -ssc d o- lists "onewayplot: module for oneway plots", among others,
> > but clicking on "onewayplot" leads to this error message:
> > 
> > file not found
> > could not load onewayplot.pkg from
> >
> > r(601);

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