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st: bootstrapping and glm

From   Jennifer Devine <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: bootstrapping and glm
Date   Tue, 18 Apr 2006 13:17:07 -0230

I have data that is autocorrelated because it is acoustic data from transects. I'm interested in
running a glm:

glm biomass year season tod

where season is 1 or 2 (Jan or June) and tod is time of day (1=day, 2=night, 3=dusk). At the moment,
everything is significant but that may be becuase of the autocorrelation. To deal with the
autocorrelation, I want to randomly resample the data and then run the glm to test for year,
seaoson and time of day effects. If I have season or time of day effects, I then need to break the
data down further. I'm getting nowhere using the stata maunal or help files for bootstrap and

I run this:

bs  sum_abc, strata(year season tod) saving(mybs2): glm sum_abc year season tod, f(gaussian)

and the result is not what I want. Do I need to bsample after breaking it into smaller subsets by
year, season and time of day and then append the files? If I try to bsample the data with strata,
cluster or both, I can't get a large enough sample size while retaining the 3 X.

Thank you.

Jennifer Devine
Doctoral Candidate

Memorial University
4 Clark Place
St. John's NL
A1C 5S7
Tel:  709-737-8833
Fax: 709-737-3121

[email protected]


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