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st: problems with graph command

From   "David Quinn" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: problems with graph command
Date   Sun, 09 Apr 2006 22:46:17 -0400


I am trying to plot predicted probabilities for a multinomial logit (my
DV takes three values: 0, 1, and 2) that I computed using Long and
Freese's "prgen" command.  This command produces the following
variables: PrrepyrAL0p0 (i.e., Pr y=0), PrrepyrAL0p1 (i.e., Pr y=1),
PrrepyrAL0p2 (i.e., Pr y=2), and PrrepyrAL0x (changing value of my X
variable).  Then, following Scott and Freese's lead in Chapter 6 of
their book, I input the following syntax to plot these predicted

graph PrrepyrAL0p0 PrrepyrAL0p1 PrrepyrAL0p2 PrrepyrAL0x, b2("No Loss of
Autonomy or No Transfer: POLITY Regime Score") gap(3) l1("Probability")
xlabel(-10 -9 to 10) ylabel(0,.25,.50.,.75,1) yscale(0,1) xscale(-10,10)
s(OdST) connect(ssss) border

And I get the following error message: (PrrepyrAL0p1 PrrepyrAL0p2 PrrepyrAL0x, gap(3)
    yscale(0,1) xscale(-10,10) s(OdST) connect(ssss) border), b2("No
Loss of
    Autonomy or No Transfer: POLITY Regime Score") l1("Probability")
    xlabel(-10 -9 to 10) ylabel(0,.25,.50.,.75,1): class member function

PrrepyrAL0p0 is not a valid graph subcommand

Does anyone know why I'm getting this message?  No matter what I place
after "graph" I keep getting a similar message.

Thanks for your assistance,

David Quinn
Department of Political Science
University of Maryland, College Park

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