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Re: st:estat ic.

Subject   Re: st:estat ic.
Date   Wed, 10 Aug 2005 11:32:04 -0400

Thanks for answering.
Amadou DIALLO.

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At 09:40 AM 8/10/2005 -0400, wrote:
>I want to get BIC and AIC after my modelling.
>I issue "help estat ic" command and get no result.
>Is it a stata 9 command? I am still using ver. 8.2
>but will upgrade shortly.
>Amadou Diallo.

Yes, estat is part of Stata 9.  In Stata 8.2, try using -fitstat-, which is
part of the Long & Freese -spostado- package (note that there are different
versions for Stata 8 and 9).  Also, the -stats- option on -lrtest- will
produce BIC and AIC statistics when comparing models.  Paul Millar and
others have also written BIC-related programs, e.g. -bic- and -bicdrop1-;
try -findit bic- .

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