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re: st: can anyone compare stata vs splus/R

From   David Airey <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   re: st: can anyone compare stata vs splus/R
Date   Thu, 28 Jul 2005 11:57:42 -0500


I want to know much about Stata.Anyone can give a general comparison between Stata and Splus/R? I have found some artical one Stata vs. SPSS and SAS ,but can not found any about "Stata vs. Splus/R",especially Stata 9 vs Splus.
Maybe 3-4 years ago I made the choice between Stata 7 and R 1.X. At that time, I made the right choice. Documentation of R was very poor for the non-statistician. Between Stata 9 and R 2.X, I made the same choice. Stata has a wide array of commands, has unsurpassed documentation (Stata manuals) and online help (either in the form of Stata Net Courses or the UCLA ATS Stata pages), has a more responsive listserv for beginner and intermediate questions. R 2.X now has good and growing documentation for the non-statistician (books that you can buy). I think if you are an MS or PhD statistician with no money, R is a fine choice. Of course, if you are an MS/PhD statistician, you probably have money & access to many statistical tools, so this is not a useful point. I use Stata for most of my stuff and R for those times something is in R that is not in Stata that is beyond my programming & statistical expertise (some gene microarray tools, shape statistics & nonlinear mixed models). I also tend to use both when I don't trust something I don't understand and I want to see if I've got roughly the same answer going.

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