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st: RE: IV with incomplete data on endog var

From   "Millimet, Daniel" <[email protected]>
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Subject   st: RE: IV with incomplete data on endog var
Date   Wed, 20 Jul 2005 11:40:09 -0500

it seems that a two-step procedure where you form out of sample predictions of the endogenous var and then do the 2nd stage with the predicted regressor would yield valid estimates and that a bootstrap procedure would yield valid inference.  this sounds related to some papers by angrist on a procedure called split-sample IV.  i think the paper i am thinking of was published in journal of applied econometrics.  if you can't track it down, feel free to email me and i can look for it.


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Subject: st: IV with incomplete data on endog var

Calling all IV experts:

I have an application of instrumental variables where the endogenous 
regressor is only measured on a subsample of the data, but the excluded 
instruments and the outcome are measured on the full sample. If i use 
-ivreg- or -ivreg2- then (I assume) i will be using the subsample only. It 
appears to me that  in principle under two-stage least-squares i could do 
the first-stage regression on the subsample but generate predictions for 
the full sample and hence make use of the full sample for the second stage. 
But I'm less clear how to get a valid variance estimate, or if there's a 
way of doing this within -ivreg- or -ivreg2-.

In the simplest case I have no exogeneous regressors (included 
instruments), though I may well wish to add some at a later stage. I'd have 
(almost) complete data on these for the full sample.

Many thanks for any thoughts (or pointers to any existing literature on 


Roger Harbord
Department of Social Medicine, University of Bristol

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