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st: counting patient-days

From   "Christopher W. Ryan" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: counting patient-days
Date   Wed, 20 Jul 2005 09:15:14 -0400

I've been away from statalist for a while. Hope you don't mind if I return with a question.

I am trying to assess trends in the inpatient workload for our residency physicians. I have a dataset covering about 3 years, with each record representing one admission, and consisting of two variables: admitdate and dischargedata. Calculating length of stay (los) is trivial.

What I really want to know is how many inpatients the physician saw on each day of that 3 year period. (Every patient is seen each day they are in the hospital.) Then I can see if the daily workload is rising, falling, or whatever.

Any suggestions how to do this? The only vague plan I have thought up so far would involve some sort of programming with foreach. Foreach record, and then foreach day between that records's admitdate and dischargedate, create a new record, with a single variable, countdate, containing a date.

For example, a guy who is admitted on 1Jan2005 and discharcharged on 3Jan2005 would produce three new records:

newrecord1 1Jan2005
newrecord2 2Jan2005
newrecord3 3Jan2005

I could then tabulate countdate, or collapse, or something like that to create a new dataset looking like this:

1Jan2005 3


Am I on the right track? Is there an easier way to do this?


Christopher W. Ryan, MD
SUNY Upstate Medical University Clinical Campus at Binghamton
and Wilson Family Practice Residency, Johnson City, NY
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