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st: table formating procedures

From   [email protected]
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Subject   st: table formating procedures
Date   Mon, 18 Jul 2005 21:56:25 +0000

Hi everyone,
I'm still having trouble getting stata to layout descriptive tables the way I need them. Is there any manual that would have tables & instructions on how to create them? I'm having a hard time figuring it out from the regular stata manuals & help. I'm trying to get a table of means for multiple variables by category of variable1 and total:
           var1=A var1=2 var1=3 total
David Harrison's suggestion for the transpose of this table worked but I can't use it for the mean of more than 5 variables (so only var2 to var6 would be in the transposed table and I need to cut and paste in excel to get the remaining variables into one table).
Thanks for your help,
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From: David Harrison <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Date: 7/1/2005 11:24:43 AM
Subject: st: RE: table format question
You can get the transpose of this using -table-
table var1, c(mean var2 mean var3 mean var4 mean var5)
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From: Alexandra de Montrichard [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 01 July 2005 15:01
To: [email protected]
Subject: st: table format question

This may be a basic question but I've searched my stata manuals and
various web resources and can't seem to find an answer. Can anyone help
with this table format question:
I need to produce a cross tab table that includes several different
variables in the rows. Var1 is a catergorical variable with three values
and var2,  var3,  var4, and var5 are yes/no variables with values of 0
or 1. I would like the table to give me row percentages and look more or
less like this:
            var1=A    var1=B    var1=C
var2        .05          .10        .85
var3        .20           .20        .60
var4        .30           .40        .30
var5        .40            .50        .10
Right now I have to run each var2, var3, var4, var5 as an indvidual
cross tab with var1 (tab var1 var2 and then tab var1 var3 etc..) and
then cut & paste the results into one table. Is there a way to get stata
to do that work for me?

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