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st: RE: table format question

From   Ian Watson <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: RE: table format question
Date   Mon, 4 Jul 2005 09:06:00 +1000

Alexandra de Montrichard <[email protected]> wrote a day or so ago:

I need to produce a cross tab table that includes several different
variables in the rows. Var1 is a catergorical variable with three values
and var2,  var3,  var4, and var5 are yes/no variables with values of 0
or 1. I would like the table to give me row percentages and look more or
less like this:

            var1=A    var1=B    var1=C
var2        .05          .10        .85
var3        .20           .20        .60
var4        .30           .40        .30
var5        .40            .50        .10  

and David Harrison <[email protected]> offered the suggestion:

You can get the transpose of this using -table-

table var1, c(mean var2 mean var3 mean var4 mean var5)

An ado command for producing publication quality tables from Stata
called -tabout- will also solve this for you, using the same logic as
the table command suggested by David. In addition, -tabout- will
provide you will tab delimited output (or TeX) to make it easier to
export your tables into a spreadsheet or word processor.

The table produced by -tabout- will be transposed to the one you've
shown (the same as for the -table- command). But you can use the tab
delimited option in -tabout- to export the file into a spreadsheet and
then use the transpose command in the spreadsheet to flip it around.

The syntax for the above table (not yet transposed) would be very
similar to the -table- syntax:

tabout var1 using myfile.txt, c(mean var2 mean var3 mean var4 mean
var5) f(%9.2f)

In addition, there are options for determining column headers and row
labels and so forth, and the ability to have multiple rows of
different variables.

If you do want to use the -tabout- approach, see the tutorial

Finally, -tabout- can be found on the ssc archives:

ssc install tabout

Kind regards, 

Ian Watson
Senior Researcher
acirrt, University of Sydney
NSW, 2006, Australia

phone: 02 9351 5622
email:[email protected]

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