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Re: st: Re: aorder: system limit exceeded

From   Richard Williams <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Re: aorder: system limit exceeded
Date   Fri, 01 Jul 2005 07:48:44 -0500

At 05:34 PM 7/1/2005 +1000, James Muller wrote:
All right, I'm not checking that code. There are just 2 comments and one of them is wrong (just copied from the first).
Stata's lack of comments has been commented on before. My own theory is that is a form of job security for Stata programmers. :) But, when I forced myself to work through mlogit_p.ado so I could adapt it for -gologit2-, I found that it was logical and pretty clever and had a few critical comments that saved me from getting lost. I tend to put lots of comments in my programs (and am glad I do when I go back to them years later) but whether anybody besides me would understand them, I don't know.

I'd suspect you're on the right track though; the algorithm is obviously falling into an infinite recursion. Sorts usually work by mapping an array to itself over and again a set number of times, and I'd suspect that the mapping is somehow either generating duplicate variable names (in the abstract representation of the variable name list) or a pair of variable names is being swapped back and forward over and over until infinity.
I think you are right. With trace on the log file is enormous and keeps saying the same thing over and over. I'm not sure what system limit is being reached (depth of recursive calls?) but if you upped it I bet you'd get the same error in the end.

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