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st: RE: Updated -mktab-

From   "Pema, Elda ALB" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: Updated -mktab-
Date   Thu, 30 Jun 2005 15:57:42 -0700

It looks like this command will save me a lot of time. It seems especially helpful if you have one set of predetermined RHS variables and multiple dependent variables. However, the issue I usually face is different sets of RHS variables and the same depvar. Is there a similarly easy way to employ -mktab- for these cases?

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	From: [email protected] on behalf of Nick Winter 
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	Subject: st: Updated -mktab-

	Thanks to Kit Baum, an updated -mktab- is now available from SSC.  mktab is
	a program for running multiple models and reporting the results in a
	journal-style format.  It differs from some other such commands in that
	-mktab0 runs the models itself, rather than picking up the results of
	previously estimated models.  This means that multiple models may be run
	with one command.
	The noteworthy changes are:
	--new option -latex-, which generates the output as a LaTeX table.
	--new option -html-, which generates the output as an HTML table.
	These are in addition to the ability to output tab-delimited tables, and to
	direct the table to the Stata results window.
	Several other smaller changes are included as well.
	I'm quite new to LaTeX, so any feedback on that component especially would
	be appreciated.
	--Nick Winter
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