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st: RE: RE: Using a SAS like Array procedure in STATA

From   Winfred Avogo <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: RE: RE: Using a SAS like Array procedure in STATA
Date   Mon, 27 Jun 2005 14:50:45 -0700

Thanks for assisting Nick. 

My definition of DISTRESS comprises the nine variables outlined asking
adolescents a series of questions bothering on psychological distress
during the last seven days, e.g. things that bothered them, inability to
shake off blues, difficulty concentrating and being depressed.   

I have reviewed the link on Array but seem not to understand it as it
applies to what I am trying to do. Could it be simplified?



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Subject: st: RE: Using a SAS like Array procedure in STATA

Not being aware of your definition of DISTRESS I can't offer 
any checks here. 

gen distress = . 
replace distress = max(h3sp5, h3sp6, rr_h3sp7, h3sp8, h3sp9, h3sp10,
rr_h3sp11, h3sp12, h3sp13) - 1 

looks like one equivalent of your code. 

See also

[email protected] 

Winfred Avogo (modulo deprecated HTML, etc.) 
I am working on Add health data in Stata 9 and wish to create a single
measure of DISTRESS using 9 identified variables all on a scale of 0-3.
I have tried Stata's -generate- and 
-replace- command below but did not trust the results I obtained.
generate distress=.
replace distress=1 if
replace distress=2 if
replace distress=3 if
replace distress=4 if
I would be happy if I could obtain assistance to do this more
efficiently. Will array code in Stata like is done in SAS be appropriate

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