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Re: st: extracting coefficients from a linear regression

From   Antoine Terracol <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: extracting coefficients from a linear regression
Date   Thu, 09 Jun 2005 12:00:18 +0200

le 09/06/2005 11:39, David Fisher a ecrit :
Is there a command in Stata that will store the coefficients (a and b) from a linear regression in new, separate variables? I've looked at "predict" and similar, but I can only find how to extract residuals and fitted values.
David Fisher

Stata stores estimated coefficients in a vector named e(b)
you can then use -svmat- to store its elements as new variables :

. reg pric mpg weight
. mat beta=e(b)
. svmat double beta, names(matcol)

will store estimated coefficients as new (double precision) variables named after the X variables.


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