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st: New package: Waiting Time Distribution

From   Henrik Stovring <[email protected]>
To   statalist <[email protected]>
Subject   st: New package: Waiting Time Distribution
Date   Thu, 09 Jun 2005 09:55:06 +0200

Dear statalist,

Thanks to Kit Baum, a new package called 'wtd' can now be downloaded
from the SSC archives. To install just type:

ssc install wtd

There is an accompanying pair of files which gives examples of how to use the package - to get these type:

net get wtd

The package is useful for parametric likelihood estimation of prevalence and incidence based on occurrence of health-related events in a time window. The method explicitly avoids to use information on health or treatment status outside the time window, but instead it exclusively exploits the information available from start of the time window to first event - the so-called waiting time. The associated distribution has a distinct two-compononent shape consisting of an initially rapidly declining component corresponding to those in active treatment at start of the time window, and a more or less constant component corresponding to treatment initiation.

The methods are particularly useful in pharmaco-epidemiology, but also in general research on use of health services the package is intended to be useful. For a more detailed description, please refer to the enclosed help files (help wtd), which also contains further references.

Please let me know if you find bugs or have suggestions for improvements.



Henrik St�vring, PhD

Research Unit of General Practice
University of Southern Denmark
Winsl�wparken 19, 3
DK-5000 Odense C
Phone: (+45) 6550 3692
Fax: (+45) 6591 8296
email: [email protected]

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