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Re: st: Plugin related question

From   [email protected] (Roberto G. Gutierrez, StataCorp)
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Plugin related question
Date   Wed, 01 Jun 2005 16:00:42 -0500

Indranil Majumdar <[email protected]> asks:

> I have the following query regarding passing macros to stata plugins.

> The document for 'Creating and using Stata plugins' (on the Stata website),
> says - "We could have just as easily passed the local macro name with the
> underscore included in arglist..."  The following is my interpretation, but
> it does not work.

> . program <C++ pluginname>, plugin
> . local x = 23.45
> . plugin call <C++ pluginname>, _x y

> It's not clear to me where to 'include the underscore in the arglist'.  Any
> help will be appreciated.

The way you have it should work just fine.  Inside the C plugin, argv[0] would
contain the string "_x", which when you pass along to the function
SF_macro_use(), would know to look into the contents of local macro "x",
stored internally as "_x" to distinguish it from the global macro "x".

For example, 

    #define MaxLen 100 ; /* or whatever you want */
    char buf[MaxLen] ;
    ST_retcode rc ;

    if(rc = SF_macro_use(argv[0], buf, MaxLen)) return(rc) ;
    /* takes contents of argv[0] (reference to local macro x in our example) */
    /* and places the first MaxLen characters of its contents in buf */
    /* At this point buf contains "23.45". */

Feel free to email me privately if you are still having trouble getting this
to work for you.

[email protected]
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