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Re: st: MAKTAB for svy estimation

From   Nick Winter <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: MAKTAB for svy estimation
Date   Tue, 29 Mar 2005 18:32:32 -0500


Glad to hear my -mktab- continues to get some use.

Although the syntax implied below might make some sense, the way -mktab- deals with options for the underlying estimation command is by having them appended to the mktab command itself, not to the individual equation specifications. See -whelp mktab-.

So the first example would be:

. mktab (y x1 x2), cmd(svyprobit) log(mylog, replace) subpop(elig1)

Any option that is not a valid -mktab- option is simply appended to the estimation command.

(I note that the implied syntax would allow more flexibility, because there is no way to specify different options across different equations as things stand now; it would also probably be cleaner to implement multiple if conditions similarly, rather than the rather oddly designed mif() option, which was constructed to deal with my very specific initial needs...if I ever revisit the command I'll probably make those changes.)

As for the second question, I don't think that -mktab- can be made to play well with -xi-. The only option would be to run -xi- first, then specify the various interaction variables manually. Something like

. xi i.x1
. mktab (y _Ix1* x2) , cmd(svyprobit) subpop(elig1) log(mylog, replace)

--Nick Winter

At 04:42 PM 3/29/2005 -0500, you wrote:

I guess this question is for Nick Winter.

How can I specify subpop in the MAKTAB syntax?

For example, when I type
. mktab (y x1 x2, subpop(elig1)), cmd(svyprobit) log(mylog, replace)

STATA gives an error message, saying
subpop() invalid

Another question is: how do I use XI option in MAKTAB, say, x1 is a
categorical variable, shall I type

. mktab (y i.x1 x2, subpop(elig1)), cmd(xi: svyprobit) log(mylog, replace)??



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