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st: poisson regression with lexis expansion and poisgof command

From   mark tracy <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: poisson regression with lexis expansion and poisgof command
Date   Sat, 26 Mar 2005 17:38:16 +1100

Dear All,

I am a novice learing stata......this is probably very basic but Im struggling a bit.
I have a cohort study of miners developing TB who are HIV +ve or -ve over a 8 year study period.. I have found the best poisson regression model testing with LRTs I have included a lexis expansion for age of subject effects. The Stat manual on poisgof makes no mention of compressing the data. I have read that ungrouped data is not correct for this command.

my final model looks like this xi:poisson _d ageband2 i.prevtb i.sil if sil~=.,e(y) irr

I have used the following commands to compress the data before doing the poisgof


. collapse (sum) _d y,by(hiv ageband2 job1 prevtb sil)

. xi:poisson _d ageband2 i.job1 i.prevtb i.sil if sil~=.,e(y) irr
(output ommitted)

then poisgof

I am sorry if there is insufficient information I am not sure how much to include.

Many thanks for help in this matter.


Mark Tracy
Director and Neonatologist
Nepean Newborn Intensive Care Unit
Lecturer Department of Paediatrics and Childhealth
Sydney University

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