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Re: st: ttest var1==var2 for clustered data

From   Christian Hunkler <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: ttest var1==var2 for clustered data
Date   Tue, 22 Mar 2005 14:49:13 +0100

Dear Rich,

The problem is, we want to perform a mean comparison between two variables
(paired t-test) and not between two subgroups. The syntax without adjusting
for the clustering is  "ttest var1=var2", thus using inflated degrees of
freedom, 'cause no adjustment for the clustering of the data is possible.
In contrast performing the test with a disaggregated file would result in
deflated degrees of freedom...
For our group comparisons we exactly use your proposition.


At 22:02 21.03.2005, you wrote:
>a t-test is a simple regression where the only predictor is the dummy
>variable identifying the groups -- so, put the two variables into one long
>variable; add a group identifier and use regression with the cluster option
>Christian Hunkler wrote:
>>we have network data clustered around egos. Now we want to test for mean
>>differences in variables that contain proxy information provided by ego
>>about their alteri. In short a t-test comparison of two variables, but the
>>observations are not independent but clustered.
>>I already checked the clttest ado, but it does not yet support comparison
>>of two variables.
>>Any ideas, suggestions?
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