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Re: st: how to avoid absolute path names in do-files?

From   Christian Hunkler <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: how to avoid absolute path names in do-files?
Date   Tue, 22 Mar 2005 14:10:32 +0100

I would recommend using a master do file, that defines the directory and
that starts your other do files (command line then is "do".
That way you get an quick overview of all your recoding or other data
manipulation jobs and analyses.
For defining the path you can use it as well. Or you create a path do file,
capture log close]
cd "D:\pathinfo..."

and in each of your analysis files you just start with "do

What also might come in handy is using a file: Stata executes
all commands in that file (eg. a change directory command), when it is
invoked, and if it finds the file (therefore it is best stored in the
C:/ado directory (or in another defined ado directory - see adopath command
for defining additional ado directories).


Sonderforschungsbereich 504, Universit´┐Żt Mannheim
[email protected]

At 13:37 22.03.2005, you wrote:
>Dear statalisters!
>I have a question on how to organise my Stata files in such a way that I
>can change the directory structure, or copy everything to a new place,
>while double-clicking a do-file to run it still works. I am under
>Windows XP, Stata 8.2.
>Suppose a do-file in directory project dir\analysis\analysis1 contains
>the lines
>    capture log close
>    log using "D:\project dir\analysis\analysis1\analysis1X.log", replace
>    use "D:\project dir\data\data3\somedata.dta"
>Now I want to be as flexible as possible and avoid absolute path names
>at all. Since I have so many do-files (around 70), I am looking for a
>solution where the path info is stored only in one place, and I use
>references to this in my do-files, so that the above becomes
>    log using "<analysis path>\analysis1\analysis1X.log", replace
>    use "<data path>\data3\somedata.dta"
>Preferably, the path info is stored somewhere in the project directory
>itself, under the top level directory. If I decided to have "project
>dir\old version\data\..." in a few months, I'd just have to change
>"project dir\pathinfo" to adjust the paths.
>I know about global variables, but my problem is that I don't know how
>to define them from within the project directory, such that
>double-clicking a do-file works.
>Any ideas on how to accomplish this?
>Thanks a lot,
>Eva Poen
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