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st: Changing -correlate- results

From   "louis boakye-yiadom" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Changing -correlate- results
Date   Mon, 21 Mar 2005 12:08:52 +0000

Dear All,
Apologies for the garbled form of my last mail.
A -correlate- command in my do file gives slightly different results each time the file is executed. For example, for the last three times the file was executed, the correlation coefficient between the same two variables (rankf1 and rankf2) were as follows: 0.7466, 0.7499, and 0.7524. I'm baffled by this, and I don't find any explanation from the -help- for -correlate-. I've provided excerpts of the do file. Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

use isocomb_indices, clear;
sort f1;
list region district dmrd dmkt dpt djss dchp fl, clean header(50);
gen rankf1=_n;
sort f2
list region district pwrd pwmkt1 pwmkt2 pwjss pwchp f2, clean header(50);
gen rankf2=_n;
bysort region: list region district nc f1 rankf1 f2 rankf2, clean mean(f1 rankf1 f2 rankf2);
correlate rankf1 rankf2;
drop rankf1 rankf2;
sort region district;
save isocomb_indices, replace;
log close;


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