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RE: st: turning low frequency data into high frequency

From   "Wallace, John" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   RE: st: turning low frequency data into high frequency
Date   Mon, 14 Mar 2005 09:44:05 -0800

Indeed.  I meant no disrespect to the economists!  I'm likewise forced
to make decisions with insufficient data in my line of work, and many of
my colleagues routinely consider 3 replicates to be a sufficient sample
because "Its enough to calculate a standard deviation with".  

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Subject: RE: st: turning low frequency data into high frequency

Perhaps I should have underlined that 
economists do this ... with the aid 
of a so-called indicator series 
at the higher frequency. Thus any 
inferences, or implications, that this is "making it up" 
are going too far. Like many statistical 
procedures, it is a matter of doing the 
best you can with the data you have. 

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Wallace, John
> It seems like every field has it's own quirks - what's 
> standard practice
> for some is verboten in others.  In biology (and a lot of other
> sciences) we'd call this "drawing the curve, then plotting your data".
> I use the phrase to gently disparage someone who's cutting corners.
Mick Cox
> I think Fabia really did want what she 
> asked for. Economists do this! 
Fabia Carvalho 
> > does anyone know if Stata can generate a
> > > series of high frequency data (eg. monthly) from an
> > > original low frequency one (eg. quarterly)? 

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