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st: Graph bar: tickmarks won't disapper

From   Ernest Berkhout <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Graph bar: tickmarks won't disapper
Date   Fri, 11 Mar 2005 13:46:03 +0100

Hi Statalisters,

after trying several unsuccesful ways of dealing with this problem, i turn to you to see if someone can point me out what i'm doing wrong in the following context. I want to make a bar graph, for 3 subgroups of the variable "kennis" using -by-. As i use the economist scheme which uses white gridlines, i do want labels on my y-axis but i DON'T want these little black tickmarks in front of them. Because now it looks like that value ".5" appears as "- .5" (minus one half).

I used the following command, including the -notick- option, but it seems that this option gets neglected by Stata... Did i overlook something maybe?

#delimit ;
graph bar (asis) st_salpct st_wcombi st_eigniv st_tijd st_uurok st_ftev ,
over(junk, axis(off) )
caption(`=char(169)' SEO/Elsevier `enqjaar', size(small))
legend( position(6) )
subtitle(, size(medlarge) )
legend( size(small) rows(1) )
ylabel( -1 -.5 0 .5 , notick gmax)
saving(kennis`enqjaar'-std, replace)
#delimit cr


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