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st: RE�: Display the strings fields without accents

From   "Laplante, Beno�t" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE�: Display the strings fields without accents
Date   Wed, 9 Mar 2005 06:37:20 -0500

By default, Stata' s windows use one of the fonts that are installed with Stata (the Stata fonts). These fonts do not include characters with diacritics. To display correctly such characters, just use a font that display them correctly, that is most of the fonts that come with Windows. To change the font for the results window, click on the window icon at the left of  "Stata Results" in the title bar of the Stata results window, click on "Font" and choose an appropriate font. You can do the same with the command window and that of the do-file editor. 
Beno�t Laplante (now you know why I know the answer...)
P.S. Why a fine software that supports multiple language labeling comes which such limited fonts is another question.


De: [email protected] de la part de Teresa Rodriguez
Date: mer. 2005-03-09 6:07
�: [email protected]
Objet : st: Display the strings fields without accents

String as display in the stata editor and in the stata results without
accents: �tic , confusi�,   l'hospital  do not appear, do display ?atic,
confusi?o or l?hospital.

How can I visualize these characters well, with the accents, no with

Teresa Rodr�guez

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