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Re: st: Using -translate- to create PDF of .hlp file

From   James Jetton <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Using -translate- to create PDF of .hlp file
Date   Sun, 6 Mar 2005 04:06:22 -0500

Unless you are trying to print a lot of files, the simplest way is to

Open the help file in the viewer window, select Print Viewer..., and then click on the PDF button in the printer dialog.


On Mar 5, 2005, at 6:11 PM, Michael S. Hanson wrote:

Argh! First line truncated on previous message.... Resending...

I recently stumbled upon the following files that are nicely formatted PDFs of the help document for -outreg-:

< outreg.pdf>

I'm fairly certain that these files were created from within Stata, but I'm not having much luck replicating them. The following command "works", in the sense that I do get a PDF of the help file (note that I am working with Stata 8.2 on Mac OS X, which allows the direct creation of a PDF according to -whelp translate-):

translate "~/Documents/ado/plus/o/outreg.hlp" outreg.pdf, trans(Viewer2pdf)

but this command yields a file without the rich formating of the above examples. (The second linked example above appears to be for an older version of -outreg-, but I prefer the layout and organization of it -- plus the fonts in the first linked example don't render quite right for me.)

Any suggestions? -translator query Viewer2pdf- didn't turn up anything that seemed appropriate to this issue, AFAICT. Thanks.
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