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Re: st: Stata fails to read all the data from a test file (was Helpagain)

From   Ron´┐Żn Conroy <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Stata fails to read all the data from a test file (was Helpagain)
Date   Fri, 04 Mar 2005 11:01:28 +0000

Robin Newberry wrote:

>  There's just a
>large swath of records that aren't importing into Stata, and all
>happen to be in the "03" year.

Actually, there's a huge chunk of "02"s missing as well, plus others
(Stata is importing about 2000 records, and I have over 4000).

Two possibilities:

When Stata quietly finishes reading data before the end of your file, it is often because it has encountered something that it regards as an end of file. This is often a legacy from old DOS files, which regularly seem infested with this sort of junk. It is an idea to determine where Stata stops reading data, and if it has skipped a chunk of data or actually just finished before the end of the file. View the text file in a text editor set to show invisible characters. You may find some strange non-printing character there.

A text editor will zap these oddities.

The second possibility is that the dates have been read, but there is a problem with the input line, and the date has been read into another variable. This can happen if Stata mistakes a character within a variable for a delimiter. Strings not enclosed in quotes can be the culprit here, or numbers formatted with commas rather than periods as thousand-separators.


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