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st: -rfl- (a recent files list for Stata): some clarification

From   "Dankwart Plattner" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: -rfl- (a recent files list for Stata): some clarification
Date   Wed, 02 Mar 2005 15:37:01 +0100

I've just learned that there are Stata users who do not have a 
PERSONAL directory, or whose PERSONAL codeword references a 
non-existent directory.
If upon the first invocation of -rfl- you get an error message like

file /ado/personal/rfllast5.idlg could not be opened,

and the dialog does not display, this might be the case on your 
computer. Note that a message like

(note: file /ado/personal/rfllast5.idlg not found)

is normal upon the first invocation. You can check the situation by typing


in the command window. Check the output and verify the folder or directory
shown under [5] PERSONAL exists on your computer and that you have 
write privileges to it.
If it doesn't exist, you have two choices:
(1) Simply add a directory with the name shown in the output of -adopath-, or
(2) point your PERSONAL directory to the right place, e.g. to the ado path where
your PERSONAL directory really is (search in the ado folder where the UPDATES 
and BASE directories reside). See -help sysdir- or better [P] sysdir.

Dankwart Plattner

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