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st: update: rfl 3.2 (a recent files list for Stata) up on SSC

From   "Dankwart Plattner" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: update: rfl 3.2 (a recent files list for Stata) up on SSC
Date   Tue, 01 Mar 2005 10:52:48 +0100

Thanks to Kit Baum, version 3.2 of -rfl- is now available from the SSC

The main changes in the new version are listed below, followed by
installation instructions. For those who don't know about -rfl-, a
general description is to be found at the bottom of this announcement.

Version 3.2 includes the file rflCM.dlg, which seems to have been missing from the
version 3.1 package. (This is the dialog window which pops up if you
open a data file from -rfl-'s menu while data are in memory, asking you
whether to close and save them. In version 3.1, an error message would be 
issued ["Class ... not found"].)

-rfl- now includes a rudimentary check for quotes like ", ', and the
macro quote "`" in file names and descriptions. -rfl- will not let you open
such files in order to avoid later runtime errors. An error message will be
displayed in the results window. If a file name or a description contains
an unmatched double quote (a"bc), the message "unmatched quote" will
be displayed without further explanations. If there are file names with
quotes in your recent files list (which somehow may have not produced 
an error), you will have to edit rfl.log
manually (or simply delete it and start from scratch).

In addition, I've corrected the help file and fixed some minor bugs.
On the first invocation of rfl after the update to version 3.2,
the file rfl.log will be checked and updated, if necessary (in rare
circumstances, the abbreviated file name would not show in the expected
form, but as <path>\<file name>). The update is done automatically.

As always, bug reports, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Hope you find -rfl- helpful.
Dankwart Plattner

Type -ssc describe rfl- for a package description or -ssc install
rfl- to install. To update, type -ssc install rfl.pkg, replace-.
After installation of the new version, you must type -discard-
in the command window if you've invoked -rfl-, -rfluse-, or
-rflsetmenu-, or if you've opened a data file from -rfl-'s menu,
in the same Stata session in which you installed the update.

General description:
rfl resembles a most recently used files list (called MRU in other Windows
programs) allowing the user to open a file from a list of previously opened
files. Every file opened with rfl is added to the list of recently used files.
In addition, the user can set the memory allocated to Stata,
attach a short description to each file opened, and open appropriate
log and cmdlog files, if she wishes so. If data are present in memory at the
time rfl is called, the user may save and close open files from within
rfl's dialog. In addition, rfl can place its own menu under Stata's User menu
for easy access to the most recently opened files.
-rfl- supports file names of any length, even in Stata's non-SE
Intercooled. Stata 8.2 is required. Version 3.2 runs on all platforms.

The package consists of the following files:

rfldlg.idlg (different for Win/Mac)
rflCMdlg.idlg (different for Win/Mac)

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