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st: Imputed Missing Values with Uvis

From   Quang Nguyen <>
Subject   st: Imputed Missing Values with Uvis
Date   Thu, 24 Feb 2005 11:35:09 -1000

Dear All,

I am exploring the possibility of imputing the missing values by using
procedures such as Uvis or Mvis. One thing, I notice is the following:

Suppose, I have the command: _Uvis_   _regression_  y x1 x2 x3 

Where y is the variable whose missing values will be imputed as a
predictor from the regression equation : y = a0+ a1*x1 +a2*x2 +a3*x3

As such, if any one of x1, x2, x3 has missing value then the imputed
value of y is missing despite that the value of orginal y is observed.

I would highly appreciate if someone can enlighten me this matter.

Have A Wonderful Day!
All the best,

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