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st: Stata Journal 5(1) 2005

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Stata Journal 5(1) 2005
Date   Thu, 24 Feb 2005 16:06:26 -0000

Volume 5 Number 1 of the Stata Journal has just been 
sent to electronic subscribers. 

This is a special 20th Stata anniversary issue of the 
Journal to mark the official release of Stata 1.0 
in January 1985. 

Highlights include an interview with William Gould, 
President of StataCorp and chief developer of 
Stata, and recollections and reflections
by several long-time users, Sean Becketti (a former
developer), Lawrence Hamilton, Tony Lachenbruch, 
Joe Hilbe, Ted Anagnoson and Patrick Royston. 

There is also a set of substantial papers, a book review, 
three Stata Tips and a flurry of Software Updates. 

For information on subscriptions, see

Here is the more detailed list of contents:  

A brief history of Stata on its 20th anniversary         
                                                          N.J. Cox 
A conversation with William Gould                      
                                                        H.J. Newton 
In at the creation                                     
                                                        S. Becketti 
A short history of "Statistics with Stata"             
                                                        L. Hamilton 
Memories of Stata                                   
                                                     T. Lachenbruch 
The birth of the Bulletin                              
                                                        J. M. Hilbe 
The history of StataQuest                          
                                                    J. T. Anagnoson 
Stata at 20: a personal view                            
                                                         P. Royston
Stata: The language of choice for time-series analysis? 
                                                         C. F. Baum 
Visualizing main effects and interactions for binary logit models 
                                         M. N. Mitchell and X. Chen 
Further processing of estimation results: 
basic programming with matrices 
                                                          I. Watson 
Tabulation of multiple responses                          
                                                            B. Jann 
A menu-driven facility for complex sample size calculation in 
randomized controlled trials with a survival or a binary outcome: Update 
                          M.-S. Barthel, P. Royston, and A. Babiker 
Review of Generalized Latent Variable Modeling by 
Skrondal and Rabe-Hesketh
                                                          R. Newson
Stata tip 16: Using input to generate variables        
                                                          U. Kohler
Stata tip 17: Filling in the gaps                       
                                                          N. J. Cox 
Stata tip 18: Making keys functional                   
                                                          S. Driver 

Software updates 

H. Joseph Newton and Nicholas J. Cox  

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