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R: st: Robust estimates of panel data

From   "Marco Fioramanti" <>
To   <>
Subject   R: st: Robust estimates of panel data
Date   Tue, 22 Feb 2005 09:31:36 +0100

Dear Professor,
the command you suggested produce the same results of

xi: reg dependent_var independent_var group_2-group_n, robust
for the fixed effect. Both are good trick for robust fe.

Anyway, it means that there aren’t direct robust estimates for panel data
(for example as in Limdep).

Thank you.

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Inviato: luned́ 21 febbraio 2005 17.02
Oggetto: Re: st: Robust estimates of panel data

Dear Mr. Fioramanti:

Use Stata's "areg" command for getting the robust estimates of standard

areg dependent_var independent_var group_2-group_n, absorb(id) robust


Jayesh Kumar, Assistant Professor of Finance, Xavier Institute of
Management, Bhubaneswar (XIMB) INDIA 751 013


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I have I panel of countries (n=15, t= 10) with groupwise
How can I get robust estimator of xtreg,fe and/or xtreg,re?

Marco Fioramanti

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