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st: RE: FW: RE: RE: Problem with legend option - bug?

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: FW: RE: RE: Problem with legend option - bug?
Date   Mon, 21 Feb 2005 20:20:45 -0000

This area of syntax is certainly 
troublesome while you are learning it, 
but I am not sure what Bill wants here. 

The parser has, as I understand it, 
one essential job with four components: 

1 parse what the user types into tokens 

2 decide if the whole is legal

3 issue an error message if not 

4 pass on for execution if so. 

What facilities are you requesting for 
the parser here? Some sort of advice 
or counselling facility? 

"Are you sure that you really mean to 
ask for that?" 

That goes way, way beyond what is the 
scope of the parser, in terms of either 
aim or ability. I can't see it as a 
job for any other part of the software


Dupont, William
> I believe that this somewhat arcane syntax is likely to puzzle many
> users who attempt to use the -by()- option with the usual (non-nested)
> -legend()- option.  Would it be possible for the Stata parser 
> to issue a
> warning message whenever a user does this?  I recently ran into this
> same problem and it took me a while to track down David's 
> explanation. 
David Harrison
> I should also have said, there is more information on this in the help
> for "legend_option" under the subheading "Use of legends with by()" -
> essentially if you are changing the location of the legend (or in this
> case whether it appears at all) it goes inside the -by()-, if you are
> changing the contents of the legend it goes outside.

> -legend()- needs to be given as a suboption of -by()-, so make it
> -by(sex, legend(off))-

Ricardo Ovaldia 
> I wanted to what I tough was a simple graph but I am
> having trouble suppressing the legend when I use the
> by() option. What am I doing wrong? Here id the data
> and command:
> . cl
>             or      ub         lb    copies      sex
>   1.         1       .          .         0   Female
>   2.      .645    .478        .87         1   Female
>   3.      .382    .209       .699         2   Female
>   4.         1       .          .         0     Male
>   5.      .978    .727      1.316         1     Male
>   6.     1.128    .686      1.853         2     Male
> . graph twoway (rcap lb ub copies) (scatter or
> copies), by(sex) yscale(log) legend(off)  
> Everything works by legend(off) is ignored.

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